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This is a complete list of abstracts for articles and publications on cryobiology, vitrification and organ preservation written by 21st Century Medicine's researchers and scientists. To locate specific citations, please use our search function below.

The role of antifreeze glycopeptides (AFGP) and polyvinyl alcohol/polyglycerol (X/Z-1000) cocktails as ice modulators during partial freezing of rat liversS.N. Tessier, O. Haque, C.A. Pendexter, S.E.J. Cronin, E.O.A. Hafiz, L. Weng, H. Yeh, J.F. Markmann, M.J. Taylor, G.M. Fahy, M. Toner, K. UygunDec, 2022Front. Phys. Sec. Biophysics 10 (2022) (doi:10.3389/fphy.2022.1033613)
Vitrification and nanowarming of kidneysA. Sharma, J.S. Rao, Z, Han, L. Gangwar, B. Namsrai, Z. Gao, H.L. Ring, E. Magnuson, M. Etheridge, B. Wowk, G.M. Fahy, M. Garwood, E.B. Finger, J. BischofOct, 2021Advanced Science 8, 2101691 (2021) (doi: 10.1002/advs.202101691)
Winter is coming: the future of cryopreservationS. Bojic, M. Murray, B.L. Bentley, R. Spindler, R. Pawlik, J.L. Cordeiro, R. Bauer, J.P. de MagalhãesMar, 2021BMC Biol. 19:56 (2021)
Principles of vitrification as a method of cryopreservation in reproductive biology and medicineG.M. FahyMar, 2021In: Fertility Preservation, Principles & Practice, Second Edition (Donnez, J., and Kim, S. S., Eds) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2021, pp. 49-66 (doi: 10.1017/9781108784368/007)
Principles of Ice-Free Cryopreservation by VitrificationG.M. Fahy, B. WowkAug, 2020In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 2180 (Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocols), (Wolkers, W.F., and Oldenhof, H., Eds) Humana Press, New York, 2021, pp. 27-97
Imaging the Distribution of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Hypothermic Perfused TissuesH.L. Ring, Z. Gao, A. Sharma, Z, Han, C. Lee, K.G. Brockbank, E.D. Greene, K.L. Helke, Z. Chen, L,H. Campbell, B. Weegman, M. Davis, M. Taylor, S. Giwa, G.M. Fahy, B. Wowk, R. Pagotan, J,C, Bischof, M. GarwoodMay, 2020Magnetic Resononance in Medicine 83 (2020) 1750-1759
Genetic suppression of cryoprotectant toxicityJ.R. Cypser, W.S. Chick, G.M. Fahy, G.J. Schumacher, T.E. JohnsonFeb, 2019Cryobiology 86 (2019) 95-102
Vitrification tendency and stability of DP6-based vitrification solutions for complex tissue cryopreservationB. Wowk, G.M. Fahy, S. Ahmedyar, M.J. Taylor, Y. RabinJun, 2018Cryobiology 82 (2018) 70-77
Thermal Analyses of a Human Kidney and a Rabbit Kidney During Cryopreservation by VitrificationL.E. Ehrlich, G.M. Fahy, B. Wowk, J.A. Malen, Y. RabinJan, 2018ASME Journal of Biomedical Engineering 140 (2018) 011005-8
The promise of organ and tissue preservation to transform medicineS. Giwa, J.K. Lewis, L. Alvarez, R. Langer, A. Roth, G.M. Church, J. Markmann, D. Sachs, M. Rothblatt, E. Boyden, E. Eidbo, B. Pomahac, A. Lee, G. Brandacher, D.M. Weinstock, G. Elliot, J. Acker, M.K. Uygun, B. Shmalz, B. Weegman, A. Tocchio, G.M. Fahy, K. Storey, B. Rubinsky, J.C. Bischof, J.A. Elliot, T. Woodruff, J. Morris, U. Demirci, K. Brockbank, E. Woods, R. Ben, J.G. Baust, D. Gao, B. Fuller, Y. Rabin, D. Kravitz, M.J. Taylor, M. TonerJun, 2017Nature Biotechnology 35 (2017) 530-542
The Grand Challenges of Organ Banking: Proceedings from the first global summit on complex tissue cryopreservationJ.K. Lewis, J.C. Bischof, J.C. Braslavsky, K.G. Brockbank, G.M. Fahy, B.J. Fuller, Y. Rabin, A. Tocchio, E.J. Woods, B.G. Wowk, J.P. Acker, S. GiwaApr, 2016Cryobiology 72 (2016) 169-182
Insights on cryoprotectant toxicity from gene expression profiling of endothelial cells exposed to ethylene glycol. R.M. Cordeiro, S. Stirling, G.M. FahyOct, 2015Cryobiology 71 (2015) 405-412
Validation of microSecure vitrification (µS-VTF) for the effective cryopreservation of human embryos and oocytesM.C. Schiewe, S. Zozula, R.E. Anderson, G.M. FahyOct, 2015Cryobiology 71 (2015) 264-272
Aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservationR. McIntyre, G.M. FahySep, 2015Cryobiology 71 (2015) 448-458
Overview of Biological VitrificationG.M. FahyJan, 2015In: Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction: From Basic Science to Clinical Application. (Liebermann, J., and Tucker, M., Eds.) Taylor & Francis Books, Ltd., New York, 2015, pp. 1-22.
Principles of Cryopreservation by VitrificationG.M. Fahy, B. WowkNov, 2014In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 1257 (Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocols), (Wolkers, W.F., and Oldenhof, H., Eds) Humana Press, New York, 2015, pp. 21-82.
CryoprotectantsT. Takahashi, G.M. FahyAug, 2013Section 6.4.3 In: JSRAE Handbook, 6th Edition, Vol. 4: Food and Biology, pp. 285-291, 2013.
VitrificationG.M. Fahy, T. TakahashiAug, 2013Section 6.4.4 In: JSRAE Handbook, 6th Edition, Vol.4: Food and Biology, pp. 291-295, 2013.
Morphological and functional preservation of pre-antral follicles after vitrification of macaque ovarian tissue in a closed systemA.Y. Ting, R.R. Yeoman, J.R. Campos, M.S. Lawson, S.F. Mullen, G.M. Fahy, M.B. ZelinskiMay, 2013Human Reproduction 28 (2013) 1267-1279
Analysis of gene expression changes to elucidate the mechanism of chilling injury in precision-cut liver slicesN. Guan, S.A. Blomsma, G.M. Fahy, G.M. Goothuis, I.A. de GraafMar, 2013Toxicology In Vitro 27 (2013) 890-899

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