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Title: Electric and magnetic fields in cryopreservation
Author: B. Wowk
Citation: Cryobiology 64 (2012) 301-303
Abstract: Electromagnetic warming has a long history in cryobiology as a preferred method for recovering large tissue masses from cryopreservation, especially from cryopreservation by vitrification. It is less wellknown that electromagnetic fields may be able to influence ice formation during cryopreservation by non-thermal mechanisms. Both theory and published data suggest that static and oscillating electric fields can respectively promote or inhibit ice formation under certain conditions. Evidence is less persuasive for magnetic fields. Recent claims that static magnetic fields smaller than 1 mT can improve cryopreservation by freezing are specifically questioned.
Article Link Http://www.21CMPublications.com/PubFiles/89/2012-ElectricandMagnetic.pdf

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